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    international_patient_iconThe bone housing the joint may break following injury or through weakness from bone disease.

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    international_patient_iconThe bone housing the joint may break following injury or through weakness from bone disease.

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    international_patient_iconOur International Patient Care Services Office will ease your registration process.

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    international_patient_iconYour medical history will help us serve your better.

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    international_patient_iconInternational patients will need to obtain a visa to enter India for medical treatment.

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    international_patient_iconThe International patient care office is equipped with modern communication.

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    international_patient_iconOur services begin even prior to patient’s arrival in MIOT.

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    international_patient_iconEvery International Patient is received at the airport or station by MIOT personnel and is conveyed safely and comfortably to MIOT.

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    international_patient_iconMIOT offers facilities that makes patients and their accompanies comfortable throughout the stay.

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    international_patient_iconMIOT provides the patients an ideal place to recuperate themselves during the post-op period.


Delivering world class health care services

A key element in a hip or knee replacement surgery is the artificial joint that is used. The choice of joint and its precise placement will go a long way in determining your mobility and the longevity of the joint.

Young people will require joints which are made of material which will last long. Usually old people may not require such a joint. But these days all want to lead active lives. People in the 60+ age group want to exercise, travel, take courses…enjoy their retirement. To live life to the fullest we need to be mobile. This desire has led to a tremendous increase worldwide in Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries.

In view of this, it is the Surgeon who should decide on the type of joint that has to be used for replacement and not the manufacturer.

Why MIOT Hospitals for Joint Replacements

At MIOT, hospitals we have made great strides in this field, thanks to our expertise gained by performing over 37,500 hip and knee replacement and revision surgeries over the last 37 years. So are we closer to the Holy Grail of replacement surgery – the “fit it and forget it” joint that lasts a lifetime?

Also MIOT Hospitals has established the Global Centre for Ideal Joints and invites leaders in the field from time to time, so thAt MIOT, can interact with them and learn about the latest innovations. This will lead to quicker technology and upgradation transfer.

The ultimate beneficiaries are the patients who will reach new levels of mobility and comfort after their replacement surgery. A “Joint for Life” is our mission.

MIOT's Joint for Life deals with two aspects

Right choice of Joint offering you the widest range of implants from all over the world to enable a perfect match. Precise placement this will go a long way in determining your mobility and the longevity of the joint.

The Right Implant

Today there are more than 500 types of joints available for joint replacement.

The choice of an implant involves:

  • an expert assessment of the disease
  • quality of the bone
  • What kind of shape and size is the patient?
  • age
  • activity levels
  • Medical condition of the patient.

The key to a successful joint replacement surgery (hip and knee) is matching the perfect implant to replace the joint. MIOT Hospital does this right. The right implant fits smoothly and leaves the patient comfortable and active for life. The wrong implant leads to discomfort, wear and tear and possibly, another surgery in a few years.

Precise Placement

The longevity of the implant depends not only on the type of material but also on the angle it is placed in your body. Once the right implant is chosen, MIOT surgeons then place this implant with zero- error precision supported by computer navigation and several man years’ of experience. Having specialized in this field and perfecting their technique with constant updates, the efficiency and skill of MIOT Hospitals surgeons ensures optimum operating time and sensitive tissue handling. As a minimally invasive surgery with no muscle cutting, the patient could be walking in one and a half hours after the surgery. There is less pain, less complications and early return to normal activity. The surgery is performed in modern laminar flow theatres where the latest technology ensures a completely infection free cocoon for the patient.

MIOT Hospitals gives world standard environment, equipment and personnel

The modern laminar flow theatres and an incredibly sophisticated sterilization suite occupies an entire flow ensuring a completely bacteria – free cocoon for the patient. Operating hoods with dedicated air supply shut off any chance of droplet laden bacteria from even the surgeon entering the vicinity during surgery.

MIOT’s excellent teamwork comprising the surgeon, physiotherapist, nurse and dietician, with clear lines of communication, gives the patient peace, clarity and confidence to march forward towards resuming normal activity. All leading to a promise made and delivered by MIOT – A Joint for Life.