• Radiology & Imaging Sciences

    doctor-icon-png-1MIOT’s department of radiology and Imaging Sciences is one of the most advanced facilities in the country

  • Physiotherapy

    doctor-icon-png-1Physiotherapy is called the ‘orthodox alternative therapy.

  • Blood Bank

    doctor-icon-png-1Our blood bank handles over 30,000 units of blood every year, and more than 600 transfusions every month.

  • Laboratory Services

    doctor-icon-png-1Ranked eighth internationally, MIOT has state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

  • Operation Theatres

    doctor-icon-png-1MIOT International has 21 operation theatres, equipped with the latest medical technology.

  • Campus Facilities

    doctor-icon-png-1The MIOT International campus is a path-breaking structure that offers patients and healthcare specialists.

  • MIOT 360° Virtual Tour Video

    doctor-icon-png-1Central Sterile Services department & Modular Operation Theatre Suite.

  • MIOT Museum Arthroplasty

    doctor-icon-png-1Asia’s first Museum of Arthroplasty seeks to educate patients.

  • Medical Insurance

    doctor-icon-png-1MIOT Hospitals accepts the following insurance companies towards medical treatment.


MIOT International has 21 operation theatres, equipped with the latest medical technology, are completely aseptic and dedicated to specific specialities, to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency to the surgical teams.


The centralised laboratory, right on campus, enables discussion between pathologists, lab-medicine experts, doctors and surgeons. Patients benefit from an accurate and quicker diagnosis which, in turn, means quicker treatment and a shorter hospital stay.

  • Near-zero infection environments

    MIOT’s 21 operation theatres are designed to ensure that they are completely infection-free, safe and convenient. Ten of the theatres are modular with laminates that are almost jointless and highly resistant to water, impact and chemical substances. Surgical instruments are suspended from the ceiling for easier access.

    Sterility is a high priority in all MIOT’s surgical environments. The surgeons’ scrub stations are user-friendly and yet anti-splash. The doors are non-hermetically sealed and responsive to feather-touch. The theatres at MIOT International have one of the most sterile air-conditioning systems in the world. The laminar air-flow ceiling ensures optimal flow of clean air in the theatres. Additionally, sophisticated HEPA filters screen out even the minutest particles of dust and keep the air fresh.

    The Pass Box cabinet system handles sterile and non-sterile material. Every theatre has two Pass Boxes: one for the sterile material that comes in from the central sterile supply and the other for unsterile material that is sent to the unsterile CCSD.

  • Customised workspaces

    All our OTs have a unique customised assembly or triple-armed ‘pendants’ which hold all the necessary instruments for anaesthetists and surgeons during surgery. These help provide clear workspace separation and makes the operating environment clutter-free and simple. The theatres are also equipped with Draeger anaesthesia systems, which are the safest and most sophisticated in the world.

    Advanced information systems in every OT ensure that all of the patient’s information is instantly available to the surgical team.

    The integrated video management system has a high-definition camera which delivers superior images and allows for continuous capture and live transmission of the entire surgery, which can then be shared or stored as required.

    The operating tables are carefully chosen to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of use. They cater to all weight categories and surgical applications.

    Our advanced X-ray viewing facilities allow surgeons to customise how they want to view the images and focus only on the required image area.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

    MIOT International’s OT facilities include:

    • Vertically streamlined flow air conditioning
    • Facility to cool the air to a desired temperature
    • Auto-regulation of humidity and pressure
    • Suspension of surgical equipment to facilitate handling while minimising chances of bacterial accumulation
    • Carefully chosen, high-quality theatre lights of uniform focal length
    • Electronically-operated theatre beds
    • Sophisticated anaesthesia systems, which regulate the supply of gases and monitor the heart-rate and other vital parameters
  • Modular Operation Theatre 360° Virtual Tour Video

    Infection-free operation theaters equipped with the latest medical technology, completely aseptic and dedicated to specific specialties.

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